Since 1981, we have been working with communities to engage community members in shaping their own futures. Grounded in sound planning principles, our work taps into the assets of the community, provides state-of-the-art consulting experience, and builds capacity in the community to be stronger and more resilient for the long term.


Planning and Community Development

JB Lafleur Consultants provides workshops, meeting facilitation, place-making and community trainings to engage stakeholders in decisions about the future of their communities. We work with you to design each session to meet your needs. We collaborate with local, regional, and state organizations and leaders. We bring you a depth of knowledge and years of experience to turn good ideas into resident-driven action.

Community Heart & Soul Coaching

JB Lafleur Consultants coaches communities through the 4 phase Community Heart & Soul community development process developed by the Orton Family Foundation. Working closely with Orton Family Foundation staff and the current and past communities in Maine and throughout the US, we work to assist communities to involve everyone, identify what matters most, and play the long game -- the three principles of Community Heart & Soul. This transformative process has been undertaken by dozens of communities throughout the US and JB Lafleur Consultants has worked directly with many of them. In Maine, Heart & Soul cities and towns are Damariscotta, Gardiner, Biddeford, Bucksport, Rockland and the Mahoosuc Project, a 4 town consortium of Bethel, Newry, Woodstock and Greenwood, Maine.

The Community Institute

Founded in  2014, The Community Institute (TCI) focuses on the issues that Maine is facing, and equipping our leaders and community members to deal with the problems facing our cities and towns. The Community Institute provides training so that community leadership, whether they are elected or appointed government laders, or citizen volunteer leaders, or non-profit or private sector decision makers, have the information, expertise, connections and tools to work together collaboratively to address problems.

Topics to date have been:

  • Streets, Places and People
  • Building Communities for All Ages
  • Downtowns and Locally Owned Businesses
  • Community Economics
  • Farms, Food and the Conservation Connection to Economically Healthy Communities
  • Maine's Millennials - The Entrepreneurial Generation
  • Housing for All
  • Engaging the Community for Stronger Economies, Healthier Places
If you have an idea for a future session, please let us know.