PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT - Growing Community Heart & Soul in Maine 

The Orton Family Foundation and Jane Lafleur are joining together to Grow Community Heart & Soul in Maine. 

Over the coming year, Lafleur and the Orton Family Foundation staff will be working together to launch a three-pronged strategy to Grow Community Heart & Soul in Maine. This strategy includes: 
1) outreach to Maine’s towns and small cities through a series of regional outreach workshops, in collaboration with regional partners; 
2) the creation of additional Heart & Soul training curricula focused on “Getting Ready for Community Heart & Soul”; and
3) direct Community Heart & Soul coaching in towns. 

Lafleur will continue to coach those already in-process (Bucksport, Rockland and the 4 towns making up the Mahoosuc Region) as well as several new communities. We have already received initial interest from several regions to host these outreach workshops and we look forward to learning from more regions and communities who would like to host an informational session and possibly host follow up “Getting Ready for Community Heart & Soul” follow-up sessions. 

If you would like further information, please contact Jane Lafleur (207) 691-0971 

If you are interested in hosting an information session, collaborating on a regional session, or bringing Community Heart & Soul to your city or town, please give us your contact information in the contact section of this website. 
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